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Canadian Mom Hospitalized Due to excess Water Consumption For ’75 Hard’ Fitness Challenge

In Toronto, Canada, a person on TikTok got very sick after taking part in a popular fitness challenge called “75 Hard”. This challenge involves doing intense workouts twice a day, following a strict diet, and drinking a gallon of water every day. Alcohol and cheat meals are not allowed, and participants must also read 10 pages a day and take a daily progress photo.

The TikToker, Michelle Fairburn, who is a mom and realtor, shared a video explaining that she drank too much water and ended up in the hospital. She had symptoms like feeling sick, weak, and needing to go to the bathroom frequently at night. She couldn’t eat properly either.

At the hospital, doctors found that she had a severe lack of sodium, which can be very dangerous if not treated. They advised her to drink less than half a liter of water per day instead of the excessive four liters.

Despite her health scare, Fairburn said she would not give up on the challenge and wanted to keep going. It’s essential to know that the “75 Hard” challenge was created by a podcaster and CEO named Andy Frisella, and some experts criticize it for being too extreme and potentially causing burnout.

Fairburn’s experience showed how important it is to listen to your body and think about the risks before doing such challenges.

To know more about 75 Hard challenge, read here.



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