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Shakib Al Hasan: Cricketing Star Turned Politician Slaps Fan

Bangladesh’s cricket sensation and newly elected Member of Parliament, Shakib Al Hasan, has recently made headlines for an incident involving him slapping a fan. Known for his fiery on-field presence, Shakib’s temper has now spilled off the cricket pitch and into the political arena.

Controversial Slap Incident of Shakib Al Hasan:

A viral video captured the moment when Shakib Al Hasan, amidst the chaos of a polling station during the parliamentary elections, delivered a tight slap to a fan. Although the video doesn’t provide a clear view of what prompted Shakib’s reaction, reports suggest that he was pushed by the fan, leading to an angered response. The incident occurred as Shakib arrived to cast his vote, emphasizing the chaotic atmosphere as he was mobbed by people.

Cricketing Temperament and Recent Events:

Shakib, the captain of the Bangladesh cricket team, has been in the limelight not just for his cricketing prowess but also for his occasional ill-discipline. Recent videos show a lack of enthusiasm during selfie requests from fans, hinting at possible frustration with constant interruptions. However, just two days before the controversial incident, Shakib secured a parliamentary seat in a general election, winning with a commanding lead of over 150,000 votes in the Magura constituency.

Political Triumph Amidst Controversy:

Contesting as a candidate from the ruling Awami League party, Shakib’s political success was anticipated, especially with the main opposition party, Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP), choosing to boycott the election. Despite the lack of immediate comments from the cricketer regarding the slap incident, there is widespread expectation that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will secure a fifth term in power.


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